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Business Consulting


Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition, and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations change the way they do business or face extinction. Too many organizations respond to these challenges by trying to do what they have done in the past. Those that thrive welcome change and renew themselves by aligning with current and future realities.

Core Strategic Decisions
Strategy is defined as the way an organization meets the challenges and opportunities presented by its environment. It consists of a set of conscious choices about how it will deliver value to its customers and distinguish itself from its competitors.

By participating in this program, you and members of your organization will:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities present in your external environment.

  • Identify assumptions about the future.

  • Clarify a reason for being that motivates and inspires.

  • Identify the principles by which people will conduct themselves.

  • Define your future customers and how you will deliver value to them.

  • Identify core organizational competencies needed to succeed in the long run.

  • Create a long-term business focus that anchors and distinguishes you from your competitors.

  • Set short-term performance goals.

  • Establish performance initiatives and a master plan to manage your organization’s long-term development

An Imperative
Formulating a clear and compelling strategy is among the most important work that leaders of an organization can accomplish. It is not something that would be nice to do when they have more time, but is essential to their survival. All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get.

Assessing Your Organization for High Performance
By attending this program, you will learn a model that reduces the vast complexity of your organization to the seven key elements that account for its success. These seven elements enable you to diagnose the current functioning of your organization and to know where and how to make improvements.

What Will You Do

During our sessions you will:

  • Learn a model for understanding your organization.

  • Do a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of your organization.

  • Benchmark your organization in relation to others within your community/industry.

  • Develop a shared understanding of your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

  • Target and prioritize the top opportunities for change.

  • Develop detailed improvement plans.

Structure and Format

This is a very hands-on program. During each module, you will:

  • Learn the meaning of one of the seven elements of an organization’s performance.

  • Divide into small groups to assess your organization’s performance on this element.

  • Get back together and share your findings with the larger group.

  • Summarize and identify key learning and opportunities.

The program can be delivered in a modularized format (2 1/2-to-3 hour sessions spaced over time) or in a 2-to-2 1/2-day format. It usually involves not only the leaders of the organization but also other key people representing a cross-section of all employees.

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