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Survival Projects


Survival Projects is consisted of different projects such as wooden bridge, wooden boat and wooden car. Each project will be built using manuals and the tools that they earned by playing several team building activities. The mission of this project is that each team must survive by using and passing each project.

What will happen during Survival Projects?

Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team.A facilitator will be assigned to each team to give them instructions. Each team will build a separate project different than the other teams. Each team will exchange their points or money to gain or buy the tools from the market to build their part of the bridge. The teams will build the project on their own using different tools as wood, ropes and many more. The winning team must reach the end point first.

Learning and Development Outcome

This theme teaches teamwork in a new way. Each individual will have a different role in building their part. The target of this theme is to teach them how to communicate with each other and agree on one thing. They learn how to plan aheadand how to distribute the tasks among them.

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