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Begin your Extreme Chef Experience by attending our Unique cooking teambuilding. Teams will take part in series of team building activities to win the materials you will need to complete the activities.

What will happen during Extreme Chef

  • First, you need to work as a team to earn the necessary ingredients.

  • Teams will then begin high-energy team building challenges to earn ingredients to create their delicacies.

  • Teams will prepare juice, appetizer, main dish and dessert.

  • Wrapping up the event, and before they enjoy the fruits of their labor, teams will perform a commercial about their menus.

Learning and Development Outcome

Participants’ complete team building activities to earn the ingredients to prepare their tables, Teams creativity, communication, team work, cooperation, friendship and confidence will reflect back on their job in the company.

Extreme chef! Is a great team building exercise. For more information call us at 01223575508 or send us on

For Saudi Arabia Call us at  +966562314297 or send us on

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