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World War III


In this theme teams compete against each other and try to conquer another country that is in the custody of the other team, they have to choose a game from war list games if they want to buy.

If they won they will have the country in their custody and the winning team is the team with at least one continent.

This theme has a lot of negotiation and bargaining skills.

What will happen during World War III?

Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team. A facilitator will be assigned to each team to give them instructions.

There will be 3 continents and each continent have 4 countries.

Teams will play against each other in order to have the maximum amount of countries or at least one continent.

Learning and Development Outcome

This theme teaches teamwork in a new way. Each individual will have a different role in order to achieve the target. The target of this theme is to teach them how to communicate with each other and agree on one thing. They learn how to plan aheadand how to distribute the tasks among them.

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