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Adventure Camp


Adventure Camp is a minimum of two days of continuous sports and fun. The camp is filled with different activities and interaction that will keep all members engaged. Team members will get a chance to live a new experience. A campfire will take place as a way of celebrating the completing of the first day. Adventure Camp is an elective outdoor recreational activity; participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment, fun and team work. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons.

What will happen during Adventure Camp?

  • Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team. They must choose a cheer to use all day long.

  • The teams will compete against each other in team building activities.

  • Every team will have a chance to play physical, mental and teambuilding activities throughout the camp

  • Camping may involve sheltering in the open air, a tent, sleeping bag or primitive structure Each team must follow their schedule.

Learning and Development Outcome

This theme allows team members to get to know each other in a new way. It enhances the communication skills among them. They will learn how to be a team player using strategic thinking and also teaches how to be both self-reliance and teamwork.

Adventure Camp! Is a great team building exercise. For more information call us at 01223575508 or send us on

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