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Bikes for Life


Imagine a team building event that is both exciting for your group and gives back to underprivileged kids. With Bikes for Life team building program, your team can experience a fast-paced and engaging team event while making an immediate and meaningful impact on the lives of children in your area.

What will happen during Bikes for Life?

Anyone can assemble a bike (well, almost anyone) if they receive all of the parts, a few tools, and the instructions. But, in Bikes for Life, teams must earn the parts by participating in fun team building challenges. Each activity is funnier than the last in this energy-filled session. During this team building activity, teams work to earn the front tire, seat, handle bars, and pedals, they are simultaneously building teamwork, strengthening relationships and developing trust. (By the way, a cycling professional will be on hand to make sure the bikes are assembled properly.) The biggest surprise of the day is yet to come. Once the bikes are assembled, you will have the opportunity to decorate them with a colorful, personalized card and lots of balloons, beads and stickers.

Learning and Development Outcomes

Participants complete team building activities to earn the parts of real children’s bicycles, Teams strengthen communication, cooperation, friendship, confidence and trust, organization makes a lasting contribution to a charity in your area, The tangible morale boost and feeling of goodwill will help bond your team and last long after the program.

Bikes for Life! Is a great team building exercise. For more information call us at 01223575508 or send us on

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