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Arabian Marriage


Catch the spirit of friendly competition during this fun, fast-paced, team building event. Based on the ideals of teamwork and good clean fun, the Arabian Marriage Games are full of hilarious exercises designed to build camaraderie among coworkers

What will happen during Arabian Marriage?

  • Teams will be divided into Arabian tribes and they will be wearing Arabian costumes

  • Tribes will be competing against each other throughout the teambuilding challenges

  • The winning Tribe will represent her son to marry the Chieftain’s daughter

  • The final surprise that there will be an Arabian marriage with Arabian music and dance

Learning and Development Outcome

  • This fun and competitive team building event is great for building friendships and trust among coworkers.

  • Team activities get participants out of the office to generate excitement and energy.

  • The friendly rivalries and hilarious memories will be talked about for days to come.

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