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Need for Speed


Need for Speed is the ultimate example of teamwork in action. From testing to pit stop logistics, from race strategy to driver fitness everyone is involved and the actions of any one team member can make the difference between winning or losing that all important podium position. Need for Speed tests the communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of your team as they construct the ultimate model kit – an almost full-scale Formula 1 racing car! Aerodynamics, traction control, suspension and other key areas can all be accounted for in your car’s construction and factors such as race strategy, pit stop tactics and human horsepower will be vital in the final Grand Prix. Need for Speed is an exciting experience that brings out the best in your teams, encouraging planning, cooperation and good-natured competitiveness. It really is the ultimate team test, where working effectively and efficiently means milliseconds: the difference between the podium and the pits!

What will happen during Need for Speed

Working from detailed construction plans, each of your Need for Speed teams will be asked to rally their collective skills to turn a ‘flat-pack’ kit of materials into a supreme ‘cardboard fiber’ driving machine. Aiming for maximum speed, they will also need to mobilize their team to achieve human horsepower. As in reality, much can go wrong, so testing and modification will be a vital process throughout.

Your teams will also need to practice grid starts and pit stop changes as these are the vital moments at which the race can be won or lost.

Once construction is complete, Need for Speed teams are encouraged to decorate their cars with brand advertising, corporate messages and company values.

The moment of truth then finally arrives: all teams will compete in the race track towards the finish line.

Learning and Development Outcome

Only by forming sub-teams and working in parallel can the incredible creations of “Need for Speed” be achieved. With a good understanding of the end goal, this complex project can be broken down to keep the whole team productive and efficient with everyone’s efforts being essential for a successful build. There is plenty of creativity with ‘pimping’ of the cars, and practicing makes perfect as the final race is won or lost in the pit stop.

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