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 Arabian Drumming Session


Arabian Drumming Session is an amazing tool to create harmony and bondage between your team members or a separate team building event that can boost energy in all team members with a lot of fun and emphasizes on the importance of working together in a unified manner.

What will happen during the Arabian Drumming Session?

Every participant will get a hold of a drum also known as an Arabian Tabla.
The participance then gather in teams or groups to find harmony in a tempo chosen by the band leader.

Learning and Development Outcome

Only by forming sub-teams and working in parallel can the incredible creations Arabian Drumming Session be achieved. With a good understanding of the end goal, this complex project can be broken down to keep the whole team productive and efficient with everyone’s efforts being essential for a successful build. There is a lot of space for each person to be creative and unified and listen to one another.

Drumming Session! Is a great team building exercise. For more information call us at 01223575508 or send us on

For Saudi Arabia Call us at  +966562314297 or send us on

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