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Crime scene is about solving a murder crime. The murderer has disappeared and it’s the teams’ job to find him. Without the right clues that will be a difficult task. Teams will solve the crime using the clues they collected from winning the activities. Clues will be mysterious therefore teams must focus in all details to be able to figure them out.

What will happen during the Crime Scene?

Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team. A facilitator will be assigned to each team to give them instructions. Each team must win each game in order to collect a clue. Every clue will help them solve the crime. After finishing all the activities they have to connect all the clues together to reach the murderer.

Learning and Development Outcomes

This theme teaches participants the key of communication and teamwork in an exciting way. The target of this theme is to teach them how to be alert to details and how to work together to figure things out. They learn to listen to each other and give each individual a chance because each opinion matters.

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