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The Puzzle


The Puzzle is a very fun and interesting theme. It consists of several games. When each game has won a piece of the puzzle is given to the team which later on is used in forming part of a puzzle that when combined with all the parts will create the whole image of the puzzle.

What will happen during The Puzzle?

Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team.

A facilitator will be assigned to each team to give them instructions.
Each team must win each game in order to collect the pieces of the puzzle.
Once the games have ended, each team will put the pieces they have together

forming part of the puzzle. Once all the teams are done, they will all start connecting the

parts together to create the whole image of the puzzle.

Learning and Development Outcome

This theme teaches teamwork in an exciting and interesting way. The target of this theme is to teach participants the importance of each member in a team and the team as a whole. They learn that each individual has a very important role no matter how big or small it is.

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