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360 Olympics


360 Olympics happens through out a minimum of two days of continuous sports and fun. The camp is filled with different activities and interaction that will keep all members engaged. They will compete in a combination of sports and team building activities. Accommodations will take place at the same facility and team members will get a chance to live a new experience. A campfire will take place as a way of celebrating the completing of the first day.

What will happen during the 360 Olympics?

Each team will have a team leader chosen from within the team. They must choose a cheer to use all day long. The teams will compete against each other by participating in six main sports. For the rest of the day, they will compete as a team in team-building activities. Each team must follow their schedule.


Learning and Development Outcome

This theme allows team members to get to know each other in a new way. It enhances the communication skills among them. They will learn how to be a team player using strategic thinking.

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